Friday, October 26, 2007

Waa Laa

Work in progress, taken two weeks ago! All of our socks nestled together. We had a "guild meeting" and managed to take a camera of them. NK had a camera handy. The photo is not the best but we forgot to take one at the beginning and we were scrambling to get one quick before we all dashed off in different directions.

And then . . . completed socks! Not the best photo, I know. I will try to upload a new one soon. You really can't even tell what color they are. Yes . . . I have loved this knit a long. I have two more pair on my needles. And can't wait for the next one. I have also seen some patterns on here I can't wait to try. Which of course means I will check my stash and/or get me some more yarn. I vote for more yarn.

I am out of town this weekend. On my way to the UMD football game. Which coincidentally is within walking distance of "Yarn Harbor." I have been there before, but it is a reconnaissance mission. As Knitting Activities Director I need to plan a winter trip.

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