Monday, October 29, 2007

A Great Knit-Together

We had a nice turn out for our first Knit night for Socks in The Cities. Maura's cookies were a hit and it was nice to meet some more of you. As I sat there talking, knitting and listening I realized that knitting really does bring people together in a way that other things don't. I could tell that some of you knew each other from previous events (knitting or not) but I didn't feel like a "new-comer" and I really enjoyed that even though we all are at different places in our lives (some have kids, some don't, some have pets, some don't...that kind of stuff) we all just worked the sticks, laughed, ate some cookies and showed off socks. It was like knitting magic. And now I'm happy to report that you all are becoming part of my knitting history.

So thank you all for coming and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.
Here are the gals:

Inky Orchid
, Debra, Connie, Renee, Emily and Maggie.

Also, I have a ton of new infor to tell you about, but I'm going to let this post soak in first. But check back soon and check your emails because Socks in The Cities is going monthly and I've got some new information to tell.

And, last but not least, Debra finished her beautiful socks. I hope that she remembered to take a picture to post because she left them with me to show off in the store. Don't forget to bring in your finished socks so that I can display them for our final prize!! Those of you who were in yesterday, I forgot to take your socks, so you'll have to swing them by again. I'm sorry.

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sokkgirl said...

Sorry to have missed Maura's cookies and the Sock Friendship Time. I was busy knitting socks! Oh, and driving back from Neighbor State, IA.

Thank you for the Sock Knitter photo! You rock!