Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hi Sock Knitters:

I'm making good progress on this sock- the KAL has definitely been a good incentive. The yarn is Apple Laine, colorway Godiva. I keep going back and forth with this color. In some lights I love it - the cinnamon brown, the shiny silk, the warm golds. In other lights, I really don't care for it - the harsh mustard yellow, the dull dusty browns. Kind of like autumn itself, right? Stunningly beautiful some days and tuck-your-head-into your-coat miserable other days.

But these socks are definitely worth finishing and keeping because the yarn itself is YUMMY. Silky, slightly fuzzy, very cozy. There will be more Apple Laine in my future.


Debra said...

What's the fiber content of Apple Laine?

InkyOrchid said...

Funny, I just finished a pair of socks that delight me one moment and annoy me the next. Your description really put it into perspective for me. The name of the colorway of my socks: October.

Julia said...

Hi Debra - Apple Laine's Apple Pie yarn is 65% superwash merino, 20% kid mohair, 10% nylon and 5% silk. Check out all their colors at their home page: With the cooler temps this week, I can't wait to finish the second sock and get that fibery goodness on my cold toes.