Wednesday, October 31, 2007

They'll be grrrreat!

OK, I am not going to finish in time. Sigh. There's just too much to do, and I need to carve pumpkins yet. But here is proof I've been knitting. Tigers. Make that tiger cubs! They're for my six month old. The yarn is Skacel Trampoline, and the needles are size 0. The pattern is my own, or I guess generic. Cast on 44 sts., rib for 12 rows, stockinette for as long as you like, short-row heel etc. I love how they are turning out!

The original plan was to finish my Jinxed Jaywalkers. But they're jinxed, remember? I have to do some voodoo to cure them. First I knit one and then frogged the entire thing because prego-brain did the pattern on the sole as well. Doh! Then the second sock I thought hm, let me make the heel a little less snug, because, you know, the first one felt a bit tight with the short row heel? You know where this is going...the heel became too big and baggy. So the heel got frogged and now the Jaywalkers are in a dark corner contemplating their evil ways.
Anyway...Happy Halloween you all! I think I'll start a new baby pair bright and early next month so I'll be able to finish. Really, each sock takes just a few hours to knit...but time, ah time, you seem to not find 5 minutes of it when there's a baby at home.


Debra said...

Your tiger cubs are adorable-- and will look fab on the munchkin. I'm glad you decided to purchase the 'alternate' tiger yarn. Opal's in your stash, too, riiiight? :)

Deepa said...

Yes, the Opal Tiger cubs are up next- in November. They're the Bengals and these are the Siberians. I might even try to finish up an adult pair in November- this KAL is good motivation!