Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Really terrible pictures

Hello! I finished one pair of socks on October 2--Apple Laine yarn "grape harvest," variation on the Solstice Slip pattern from the Socks that Rock Club. However, I sent them to my sister without taking better pictures than this:

My sister sent me a picture, but on her phone:

My next pair, which is about 1/3 finished, is a variation on Child's First Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks in Fleece Artist greens. The "shell" pattern looks like scales, so they will be dragon socks.

First X-mas present done!

I made it in the nick of time. I finished these socks on Tuesday night while watching my favorite hockey team (Wild) tank.

The socks haven't been blocked yet but I will get to that soon. I used Pagewood Farm hand dyed sock yarn (merino, bamboo & nylon) in "Prism" for the majority of the sock and Louet Gems in "Caribou" for the heel and toe with wooly nylon for added strength.

The pattern I used was the basic 4 stitch ribbing from Sensational Knitted Socks with an Openwork Rib for the pattern from the same. This was my first time using a different color for the heel and toe AND using a pattern other than ribbing. Success!

See you next month.

Thanks for Continuing

I started a pair of Fawkes socks in Schaeffer Anne at the beginning of the month. For many reasons they just didn't get finished. Since the KAL is continuing I'll get back to them and try to finish in November.


Hello all! My name is Tia, I am a MN native, mom of two. I work quite close to the Yarnery and I am sad that I didn't know about the KAL sooner! I have been knitting for over two years, crocheted all my life, though socks are a new thing for me. I tried desperately to want to do socks, but I always fell prey to the Second Sock Syndrome. I signed up for Sock Wars II and FINALLY completed my first pair a couple of weeks ago. I then had the itch, allowing me to finish Knitty's Breeze just last weekend. I am still in the running for Sock Wars II and am finishing yet another pair to be sent off, hopefully tomorrow. I'm kind of excited to get to know other knitters in the area. I am also fond of mittens, but hats are my "thang". I'll post pics of the fabulous Sock Wars Scar socks when they are finished. Its a great pattern I hope the design will share after the contest is over.

They'll be grrrreat!

OK, I am not going to finish in time. Sigh. There's just too much to do, and I need to carve pumpkins yet. But here is proof I've been knitting. Tigers. Make that tiger cubs! They're for my six month old. The yarn is Skacel Trampoline, and the needles are size 0. The pattern is my own, or I guess generic. Cast on 44 sts., rib for 12 rows, stockinette for as long as you like, short-row heel etc. I love how they are turning out!

The original plan was to finish my Jinxed Jaywalkers. But they're jinxed, remember? I have to do some voodoo to cure them. First I knit one and then frogged the entire thing because prego-brain did the pattern on the sole as well. Doh! Then the second sock I thought hm, let me make the heel a little less snug, because, you know, the first one felt a bit tight with the short row heel? You know where this is going...the heel became too big and baggy. So the heel got frogged and now the Jaywalkers are in a dark corner contemplating their evil ways.
Anyway...Happy Halloween you all! I think I'll start a new baby pair bright and early next month so I'll be able to finish. Really, each sock takes just a few hours to knit...but time, ah time, you seem to not find 5 minutes of it when there's a baby at home.

Here They Are

I finished these yesterday, having taken right around four weeks.
They feel so nice. Thanks for the motivation.
I may be a new addict as I have now decided to make a pair for my mom for Christmas.
[If, in the Spirit of this holiday you take this picture to show me dangling from above, fear not- it was more fun than that.]

No socks done, but still happy

Hi all,

I found out about the KAL at the mid-month ShopAlong and quickly joined. Armed with my Trekking XXL yarn and first pair of bamboo 1.5 needles, I got started on my socks (Knitty's Universal Toe-Up sock pattern with a miniature cable stitch). Then life started happening.

After our car got hit with not one, but two, buses, a trip to DC for a conference, and getting sucked into a really good book, not to mention having to redo the toe of sock one four times before I got the hang of short rows (this is only my second pair of socks), my ambitious goal of having the socks done is not quite realized.

However, I have 1.5 socks, and they are beauties. Can't wait to finish them and post them for all of you to see.

Thanks to the Yarnery for talking me through a mid-knit crisis. These being my first pair of "fancy" socks (sock weight yarn as opposed to worsted), I panicked after finishing the first sock, thinking I did not have enough yarn. I mean, I have massive feet - men's size 11. But the nice lady at the Yarnery gave me the helpful hint of weighing my remaining yarn, and lo, I did have more than enough to finish the second sock. Thank you, yarn lady.

I've really enjoyed seeing the variety of socks everyone has made - you have inspired me.

Thank you!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Still Knitting

I started socks with every intention of finishing them by the end of October...did not happen. I made felted clogs, mittens for the mitten fairy, a baby sweater and worked on a baby blanket...So maybe I will finish them by the end of November.

Sorry I had to miss out on the get together hopefully I will be able to come the next time.

My first ever

Here they are just in the nick of time. These are my first pair of socks! I did them toe-up in a 5 stitch pattern from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Socks. What a great book! I did the easy-toe and a short row heel. I thought it was a good idea to do my first pair in a worsted weight, so these went pretty quickly. I plan to start another pair right away, again in worsted, but this time I intend to do the Resolable Socks from Favorite Socks, which are top-down. Good to know there's incentive (beyond Christmas gifting) to keep trying new socks.

Here is the photo of the Sock Pixie sock . . . I had a brief blog impairment and could not attach a photo to my narrative . . . here is evidence!


I am knitting on my Sock Pixie pattern . . . yarn is fabulous, pattern is fabulous. Just taking FOREVER! It's faster now that I have committed the two-row repeat to memory. Oh, one of the repeats is "k around".


It took me all month, but I finally finished the second stocking.

The pattern is German Stocking by Cookie A. I used three skeins of Louet Gems Fingering Weight in burgundy on US 1.5 needles. Feels good to be done with them.

Great KAL!

I had a great time at the KAL get together on Sunday. I couldn't believe how fast the evening passed. I did manage to finish up the first of the Quidditch socks:

I don't think I'll be able to finish the second sock before tomorrow night is over, so I guess for me the total is one pair finished and two single socks that don't match each other finished. Not bad. I plan to continue on with the KAL, so you will see the completed Quidditch socks, hopefully by the end of next month.

Time Just Isn't on My Side!

Here's my post; it won't be long.
I love to knit,
I do so almost every night.
I start project after project
and attempt to get them right.

A hat is coming along just fine,
A scarf as well
It will soon be mine.

I suffer from SSS
as many others I fear
that one sock got done
didn't look too good
and the other might take a year!

But I will move on
with pictures soon as a post,
The second of the Birkenstock socks
my needles will next host.

Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear.

First, I want to say thank you for a very successful Socks In The Cities Kick-Off. This month was great fun and you all really came through for me! I think it went great.

And now for the great news… SITCKAL is going monthly! The basics will be the same. We will be knitting socks during each month. However, there will be a few changes to “the rules”.

I want to say that this Sock KAL will be a little different than other sock clubs that are out there. We will continue to take new members and those newbies will still receive their 15% off coupon. In addition to that initial discount there will be monthly specials for all members of our KAL. Every month it will be different, and will be chosen by the Yarnery Powers That Be. No substitutions, please. We will not be charging anyone in advance for these specials and there is no membership fee.

However, in order to qualify for the new special each month you will need to make at least one post to the SITCKAL blog in the previous month. It does not need to be a finished pair of socks (you only need to do that to qualify for the monthly prize). But you do need to make a post. At the end of the month, as long as you have made one post, I will send you your “Post Reward.” Which will be a coupon for whatever the special for the month is. You may not use your coupon before the 1st of the month for which it is intended, and you cannot use your coupon after the last day of the month for which it is intended.

If you are a KALer that does not live in the Twin Cities area, we will gladly accept your coupon via the phone, however standard shipping will apply.

For all KAL’ers, the Post Reward can only be used once during any month.

Last, but not least, we will still have a random winner of a prize each month. The rules still apply for this (completed pair, etc.). Instead of two (as we will be having for our kick-off) there will be one prize during the upcoming months. This one will be random, chosen from the internet.

I hope that you all stick with us and that you are all having fun. We are glad you are here. Let’s keep knitting.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Oh, do I love these socks!

A Great Knit-Together

We had a nice turn out for our first Knit night for Socks in The Cities. Maura's cookies were a hit and it was nice to meet some more of you. As I sat there talking, knitting and listening I realized that knitting really does bring people together in a way that other things don't. I could tell that some of you knew each other from previous events (knitting or not) but I didn't feel like a "new-comer" and I really enjoyed that even though we all are at different places in our lives (some have kids, some don't, some have pets, some don't...that kind of stuff) we all just worked the sticks, laughed, ate some cookies and showed off socks. It was like knitting magic. And now I'm happy to report that you all are becoming part of my knitting history.

So thank you all for coming and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.
Here are the gals:

Inky Orchid
, Debra, Connie, Renee, Emily and Maggie.

Also, I have a ton of new infor to tell you about, but I'm going to let this post soak in first. But check back soon and check your emails because Socks in The Cities is going monthly and I've got some new information to tell.

And, last but not least, Debra finished her beautiful socks. I hope that she remembered to take a picture to post because she left them with me to show off in the store. Don't forget to bring in your finished socks so that I can display them for our final prize!! Those of you who were in yesterday, I forgot to take your socks, so you'll have to swing them by again. I'm sorry.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My socks are finished!

I actually finished these on Friday evening. Had to wait till this morning to get someone to help me take the picture. I still haven't managed to be coordinated enough to take a picture of my socks on my feet by myself. These socks don't show up very well without a leg in them. I think there is more detail in my own blog.

It is actually interesting to see how my knitting has progressed since I knit the first of these socks three years ago. I could have done better in the fit department now, but I needed to make them the same. Since they are such a time specific design I figured that it wasn't that critical.


Saturday, October 27, 2007


This morning I put the finishing touches on my Rainbow Socks. Made from Regia 4-ply in a color combination I like to call "I love the 80s." Or maybe "Homage to Fresh Prince of Bel Air" might be appropiate as well? These socks were a pleasure to knit up. I modified the pattern a little and did a toe-up approach. I don't trust myself to do top down and like to try on as I go.

I also fudged the short-rowing and heel-turning a bit from the pattern directions so that it made sense to me. There was a bit of starting and frogging involved in the beginning to get the hang of it. But once it got going, it was an easy pattern to follow and nice project to do while watching tv or studying.
I've also enjoyed looking at the other socks and getting ideas for the next pair! As soon as this post is completed, I'm off to cast on for the next pair... I'm thinking Monkey might go on the needles next...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Waa Laa

Work in progress, taken two weeks ago! All of our socks nestled together. We had a "guild meeting" and managed to take a camera of them. NK had a camera handy. The photo is not the best but we forgot to take one at the beginning and we were scrambling to get one quick before we all dashed off in different directions.

And then . . . completed socks! Not the best photo, I know. I will try to upload a new one soon. You really can't even tell what color they are. Yes . . . I have loved this knit a long. I have two more pair on my needles. And can't wait for the next one. I have also seen some patterns on here I can't wait to try. Which of course means I will check my stash and/or get me some more yarn. I vote for more yarn.

I am out of town this weekend. On my way to the UMD football game. Which coincidentally is within walking distance of "Yarn Harbor." I have been there before, but it is a reconnaissance mission. As Knitting Activities Director I need to plan a winter trip.

Met Some KAL'ers

So as you know Laurie Perry aka Crazy Aunt Purl was at the shop yesterday. That is Annie Modesitt on the right. And that was a thrill for me, I'm not going to lie. However, another thrill was to see some of you KAL'ers. I met Deepa, Rebecca A and Inky Orchid. Great to meet you!!

Deepa had a little cutie in a Tulip with her and Rebecca had on her socks. Check them out:
As I said it was so nice to meet you all and I hope I'll see you Sunday. If not, I'm sure I will see you in the store at some point!!

Also, I wanted to point out a few relatively new items that we have in the store. They are both from Regia and I can't wait to see them knit up.

The first is the New Design Line from Kaffe Fassett. Great colors, self striping. MMM, self striping (insert dream bubble of a beautiful pair of self striping socks here.) They are small skeins so you need two to make a pair of socks, but well worth it, I think!!

The second is Galaxy. These crazy socks knit up with colors that look like the deep reaches of space (rock on Star Trek explorers). We currently have four separate colorways. Stop in and check them out. I think you might like them.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Half a Pair Finished

I always keep a small knitting bag stashed in my trunk with a little project that I can pull out if I'm in line somewhere, or at a conference or hanging out with my nieces and nephews at the park, etc. For the last couple of years I've been working my way through the Socks, Socks, Socks book with my "car knitting" and I've finished one of my latest pair:

They're called "Feather and Fan" and I'm using Crystal Palace Panda Wool. I really like this yarn. It's a bamboo, wool, nylon blend. For a while there, it was hard to find solid colored sock yarns and this yarn comes in some very nice colors. It seems like the pendulum is swinging back again and solids are getting easier to come by again.

I'm also making good progress on the Quidditch Socks for my nephew. I was measuring his calf on Sunday so I could figure out how long to make the legs and he said he didn't want knee highs, he wants crew length. Awesome! Less knitting for me. The pattern also calls for increasing as you go up the calf, but he has such skinny, stick legs that I'm going to skip that too. Maybe I'll be able to finish the first one at the KAL on Sunday.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Here is an updated shot of my socks. I have to get going though so they are done before the end of the month! I am looking forward to meeting everyone on Sunday!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I promised you socks, here are the socks

Here are the finished socks. I knitted the socks; bought the digital camera;hooked the camera to the computer; took the pictures; and, uploaded the pictures to the blog. The whole experience has been highly educational. I'm already for next month, though. By the way the large shadow to the left on the first picture is our cat, Clinton, who has been an integral part of all my knitting projects. I think that I'll relax now, and practice continental knitting.

Sock Pair

I finished My Husband's socks. I finished a pair for Me, too.

In Socks in the Cities fashion, the "pair" are photographed while watching the sunset together on the deck.


New Socks Started, Old Ones on Back Burner

These are some toddler socks I started back in June or maybe even before that. I think it is Regia Stretch 6-ply colors, but I lost the label. It is really stretchy and stripes randomly. These are for my nephew and I need to finish them by Christmas! All I need to do is add one more afterthought heel and graft the toes, but I have been side-tracked by my newest project....

These are my Claudia Handpaints socks. I started them about a week ago and am making very good progress for me. Since last Thursday, I am taking a break from work, so I am trying to finish these before the Oct 31 midnight deadline. The colorway is Taupe, but it looks more like a cedar brown - this picture makes it look more red than it is - it really looks like cedar bark. I'm knitting them on size 1 circulars, getting about 8.5 stitches per inch. I love this yarn! It is very stretchy and I'm only using 56 stitches - I could probably go down a few stitches even. I am making up my own pattern, based on the New Pathways for Sock Knitter's book and the baby cable rib pattern from Barbara Walker Treasury.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the get-together on Sunday because I will be out of town. Hopefully, I'll finish these socks on the long car ride:) However, I will be at the Crazy Aunt Purl thing on Thursday, so if you see me, say Hi. I'll be wearing a dark pink jacket and my new Pomatomus socks.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

She Can Breathe Easy

Hello knitters!! I'm getting a decent response so far for the Get Together and I just sent out the email. If you don't know what I am talking about... check your emails. The KAL is having a get together to finish up this month of knitting!! It will be Sunday, October 28, 2007 from 6-8pm at the Yarnery. Treats and coffee for those of us who attend so I hope you all will be there. Don't forget to email me ( so I can get an idea of how many people will be there.

But, alas, this is not the primary reason for my post. This is:

Lana Grossa Cotton stretch, size 1 needles. I like them... even though they are cotton. They are fun without being crazy (the crazy ones are next!!). So now, the hostess has also finished her socks, she can breathe easy!!

Also, if I can brag for a moment, my niece was baptized this weekend in a dress I knit for her and I got to be a godmother!! How exciting for us!! Just wanted to share. You can also see the dress on my site if your interested...

And, last but not least, the Yarnery has online shopping now! Check it out ( But remember that we are in the process of redoing the web site and it hasn't reached it's final potential. And also, although we are excited about online shopping we still want to see you in the store. We like you after all!!

Thanks for being here.

Sarah W

Success Pictures are posted

These are the pictures from several weeks ago. (My friend took these pictures for me. You will note her child's hand attempting to save the sock from the family dog, Murphy.) I will get a picture of the completed socks tomorrow. I haven't purchased a digital camera yet, but I'm on the verge.

My socks are finished!

Unfortunately I have been unable to upload pictures (believe me, I have been trying), it has almost taken more time than knitting the socks. However I will describe them to you. They are a light blue tweed color from Regia which is apparently 45% Bamboo, 40% (superwash)New Wool, and 15% Polyamide. I used the Yankee Knitter Designs "Classic Socks" pattern. However, I used 24 inch circular US zero size needles. I wanted to try it out. These are definitely my best socks so far. This is the fourth complete pair of socks that I have made. Hope to meet you all at the get-to-gether at the Yanery.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Please Register

This is an addition to the blog about Crazy Aunt Purl (whose real name is Laurie Perry, by the way).

If you would like to be at the meet and greet please call the Yarnery (651-222-5793) and register. Although there is no fee we just like to get an idea of how many people want to attend.

Done and done

The Godiva socks are complete. Uffda - talk about a poorly lit photo! Sorry.
Socks knit with Apple Laine's Apple Pie yarn, colorway Godiva.
Twin rib stitch from Charlotte Schurch's "Sensational Knitted Socks"
8 sts/inch on US size 2 needles.

Now that they're done, I'm liking the colors more and more, and I still love love LOVE the feel of the yarn. Highly recommended.

Next up? A pair of socks for my sister, out of Panda Cotton. Odd time of year to knit with this yarn, I know, but she's allergic to wool. And everyone deserves a pair of hand-knitted socks for Christmas, right?

Not an Official Prize

Ok, this was not an official game of the KAL but I did have one person comment on the last post and she was correct.

Debra said... Crazy Aunt Purl? Yes! It is she. Crazy Aunt Purl will be in the Twin Cities signing books at the Barnes & Noble at the Mall of America. But we don't care about that because she is also going to be at THE YARNERY! We are going to skip those crazy crowds at the mall and see her in and amongst the beautiful yarn. She will be in the shop at 1:00 pm on October 25 (that's next Thursday). So I want everyone to take a late lunch and come on over to the store. Also, for those of you who don't know her check out her blog at

She is a relatively new knitter, but funny as all heck and I know you'll enjoy meeting her. Ok, I will enjoy meeting her... so I'll be there. Hope to see you there too!

And by the way, Debra, because you were the first to comment and were right on, I've got a set of handmade stitch markers for you!! Email me ( to let me know when you want to pick them up at the store and I'll make sure they are waiting for you there!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Something Fun This Way Comes

Who likes a good surprise? Well, I do and I know you
will too. And guess what? I'm not telling right now.
But you must come back and read!! Because it is GOOD!
Really good. And here is a hint... Gulp, Grrr, meow.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?


Autumn Toes are three-fifths to the finish line, and I can't wait to wear them!
The Yarnery was my last Shop Hop visit this weekend. I remember spending time looking at a gorgeous skein of Fleece Artist, but couldn't decide whether to purchase it or not-- a true sign of exhaustion!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


After the Shop Hop this past weekend, I caught wind of the Yarnery Knit-Along. And friend's beautiful Rainbow Socks inspired me to create my own.

The yarn is coming out a bit more 80s than expected, but I'm still digging the short-rowing pattern! Seeing as I have less than half the month to finish, I better get cracking!

Simple Socks

Here are the latest socks I am working on:

I had started several patterns with this yarn but the darn things looked too busy. I better get going though as it it already the middle of October!


More pictures and details can be found in this blog post. These have been sent off to my second Sockapalooooza pal. (But I wished I could've kept them...). On Saturday during the Shop Hop, I used my coupon to buy a lovely skein of Pagewood Farms Merino/Bamboo/Nylon Hand Dyed Sock Yarn in Denim. Pretty!

Monday, October 15, 2007

New Socks Started

I started another pair of socks for the KAL. Since the month is half over already, I don't think I'll be able to get the whole pair finished by the end of the month, but I should have no problem finishing by Christmas, the real due date.

They are the Quidditch Socks from "Charmed Knits". They look green and blue, but the main color is actually a steel gray - it definitely has a blue cast to it, but not as blue as that picture looks. They are a gift for my nephew. The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit, newly acquired from The Yarnery.


I finished my socks earlier tonight and stayed up late to bind them off. I'm not sure how everyone else does such a good job of photographing their socks. This is my best shot, but it isn't so hot.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Little Punchy

Hello knitters!! I hope you all have made it to the shop hop! Last day is today so get out there and use your coupons!!

I was so excited to meet some KAL'ers yesterday when I was working. Molly and Limedragon were in and got to see me at my best!! Trust me, I am not usually so goofy. I was just a little punchy from the day!! It was sooo busy (which is great) but my body and brain were crying out for a little down time!! But it was so great to meet you!!

On the sock front, I am turning my heel as we speak. As I told Jess at the Yarnery, I better get working on my socks because even though I am not eligible for prizes, as the hostess I better not be the only one to not finish my socks!!

And finally, I have had a ton of great feedback on the KAL and I'm so glad that it is doing so well. Thank you to all of you because without great sock knitters there would be no KAL and some very cold feet!

Sarah W

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I started this adorable Sock Pixie pattern . . . the SITC blog was inspiration to get going! I'm using Fleece Artist yarn that I purchased at the Yarn Harlot Event in April (afterall, it was my BIRTHDAY) . . . it is full of color and interest! Love the yarn. Love the pattern. But, I'm not moving too fast or too far . . . feels like I've been knitting FOREVER. On behalf of cute, I will persevere.

Shop Hop at the Yarnery did offer me the opportunity to purchase Distraction Yarn. I was able to stay in the sock genre.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hoping to Give Others the Gift of Warm Toes

A third of the way into October and I'm finally getting organized! This KAL came at the perfect time. I started two pairs of socks as gifts late last winter and, well, let's just say the gifts have yet to be given. This first pair is more than half done and was my first attempt at toe-up socks. I couldn't remember why I didn't finish the second sock, but somewhere in the cobwebs of my mind I recall having problems with the stitch count when turning the heel. Hopefully I can figure it out and send them to my mom as an autumn surprise.

This second sock is for my friend Rachel, who loves everything red red red. I love the simple twist of the cable in this pattern. Now if I can just get the darn foot knit. I swear no matter how many rows i knit, it always measures the same size.

I've told myself that if I finish these two socks I'm allowed to start a new project. Now, I know that means I should consult my stash and see what I already have on hand, but I think a trip to The Yarnery might be in order for some autumnal inspiration....