Sunday, October 7, 2007


Socks in the Cities knitters, I'm halfway there.
First sock is complete.
Focus, must focus and work on the second sock.
Must not get sidetracked and think about new sock architecture,

Anyone else have sock commitment issues?


sarah said...

I have had Second Sock Syndrome for as long as I can remember. If you visit the Yarnery and make way into the sock yarn section there are at least three socks that are on display that I did that have yet to get a partner. And as least one of them was a sock that I started on my own (not requested by the Yarnery for display purposes) and I knew I wouldn't get to it's mate so I put it on display until I could get around to it.

Sister, you are not alone!

Emily said...

I'm in twisted rib purgatory right now. Most of the German Stocking is fun and exciting with all of the pattern charts going on, but the first part is a big bore. Totally feeling you on the second sock syndrome.

Rebecca A said...

I like the color and the stitch pattern.

InkyOrchid said...

I love how that sock came out. Good luck on the SSS!