Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hello all! My name is Tia, I am a MN native, mom of two. I work quite close to the Yarnery and I am sad that I didn't know about the KAL sooner! I have been knitting for over two years, crocheted all my life, though socks are a new thing for me. I tried desperately to want to do socks, but I always fell prey to the Second Sock Syndrome. I signed up for Sock Wars II and FINALLY completed my first pair a couple of weeks ago. I then had the itch, allowing me to finish Knitty's Breeze just last weekend. I am still in the running for Sock Wars II and am finishing yet another pair to be sent off, hopefully tomorrow. I'm kind of excited to get to know other knitters in the area. I am also fond of mittens, but hats are my "thang". I'll post pics of the fabulous Sock Wars Scar socks when they are finished. Its a great pattern I hope the design will share after the contest is over.

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