Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No socks done, but still happy

Hi all,

I found out about the KAL at the mid-month ShopAlong and quickly joined. Armed with my Trekking XXL yarn and first pair of bamboo 1.5 needles, I got started on my socks (Knitty's Universal Toe-Up sock pattern with a miniature cable stitch). Then life started happening.

After our car got hit with not one, but two, buses, a trip to DC for a conference, and getting sucked into a really good book, not to mention having to redo the toe of sock one four times before I got the hang of short rows (this is only my second pair of socks), my ambitious goal of having the socks done is not quite realized.

However, I have 1.5 socks, and they are beauties. Can't wait to finish them and post them for all of you to see.

Thanks to the Yarnery for talking me through a mid-knit crisis. These being my first pair of "fancy" socks (sock weight yarn as opposed to worsted), I panicked after finishing the first sock, thinking I did not have enough yarn. I mean, I have massive feet - men's size 11. But the nice lady at the Yarnery gave me the helpful hint of weighing my remaining yarn, and lo, I did have more than enough to finish the second sock. Thank you, yarn lady.

I've really enjoyed seeing the variety of socks everyone has made - you have inspired me.

Thank you!

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