Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hoping to Give Others the Gift of Warm Toes

A third of the way into October and I'm finally getting organized! This KAL came at the perfect time. I started two pairs of socks as gifts late last winter and, well, let's just say the gifts have yet to be given. This first pair is more than half done and was my first attempt at toe-up socks. I couldn't remember why I didn't finish the second sock, but somewhere in the cobwebs of my mind I recall having problems with the stitch count when turning the heel. Hopefully I can figure it out and send them to my mom as an autumn surprise.

This second sock is for my friend Rachel, who loves everything red red red. I love the simple twist of the cable in this pattern. Now if I can just get the darn foot knit. I swear no matter how many rows i knit, it always measures the same size.

I've told myself that if I finish these two socks I'm allowed to start a new project. Now, I know that means I should consult my stash and see what I already have on hand, but I think a trip to The Yarnery might be in order for some autumnal inspiration....

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