Saturday, October 27, 2007


This morning I put the finishing touches on my Rainbow Socks. Made from Regia 4-ply in a color combination I like to call "I love the 80s." Or maybe "Homage to Fresh Prince of Bel Air" might be appropiate as well? These socks were a pleasure to knit up. I modified the pattern a little and did a toe-up approach. I don't trust myself to do top down and like to try on as I go.

I also fudged the short-rowing and heel-turning a bit from the pattern directions so that it made sense to me. There was a bit of starting and frogging involved in the beginning to get the hang of it. But once it got going, it was an easy pattern to follow and nice project to do while watching tv or studying.
I've also enjoyed looking at the other socks and getting ideas for the next pair! As soon as this post is completed, I'm off to cast on for the next pair... I'm thinking Monkey might go on the needles next...


Debra said...

You're a speedy knitter!

The socks--fanstastic. "Fresh" indeed.

Susan said...

OMG! sooooo cute!