Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yarni and a Monkey

This is a post from my personal blog, but since it has sock content, I thought I would share here as well. Check out Yarni if you haven't already. It is well worth it!!

I love a good sock yarn. In fact, I might like sock yarn above all others. Cotton, wool, sea cell, It makes no difference. I think that I like knowing that within that one skein that I am holding in my hand is a finished item. ONE SKEIN! And even when suffering from second sock syndrome I know that it really won't be long before that FO emerges. Now I'm not saying I'm Michelangelo, but it really is like the Captive Slaves (Unfinished Bound Slaves).

You have this mass of... well, whatever, in this case, marble, in my case, yarn. And you work and work and soon, something is emerging. It is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. And my Second Sock Syndrome is much like this sculpture. Unfinished, yet still beautiful.

And what does all of this have to do with my love of sock yarn and where am I going with it. Well, besides flexing my Art History Major muscles, I wanted to tell you about Yarni. I bought this the day it arrived at the Yarnery. It is hand-dyed by V and is soft, and pretty and it has been sitting in my basket begging to be worked for too long. But I just couldn't. I needed to have something good. I couldn't just work this into a plane-jane sock, oh, no, not me. Even though, until VERY recently, all I did was plain-jane socks. So I pulled out the big guns (which would be Cookie A. patterns from Knitty.com) And I decided on Monkey. I know this seems like a very simple pattern, and so far, so good. But it is my first attempted at anything but stockinette and rib so I'm looking forward to it.And as I'm taking the pictures, I swear I can hear the Yarni whispering... "thank you, thank you for bringing me out of that basket. I knew you loved me." And I do.


Debra said...

I always liked the unfinished slaves-- just as they aught to be. Rodin's view-- that they're much more interesting in an 'unfinished' state (debatable by many, of course) shows the forms breaking out of the mold, and have a kinesthetic energy than M's 'finished' slaves just don't have.

About a decade ago I saw four of them at the Academia in Florence. I did see two 'finished' slaves at the Louvre in 1996-- and was slightly disturbed by their sensuous quality. It seemed that they almost enjoyed being bound...

(Michelangelo must have really hated Julius II at the end)

Julia said...

Sarah - I think the choice of the Monkey pattern was an excellent one. The slightly variegated yarn will look fabulous with that pattern. I've seen the Yarni in the store, but haven't tried it yet. Do you like it so far?