Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Want to Hear From You

Hello sock knitters!

Just a reminder that the end of November is upon us so if you want to qualify for next month's in-store special. We have had great response and I want to keep it going so post, post, post. Remember, even if your sock isn't finished, we love to hear from you.

Also I wanted to post the results of the poll that many of you voted for. It was a close call with Fancy Scmancy at 47% and Plain Janer's at 52%. All in all it looks like we are split down the middle.

Also, just a quick side poll that you can respond to in the comments of this post:

If you are making any holiday presents this year, which one do you think will be the best received and why?

For example, I am making some tote bags for my nieces who are in dance class and I think they will squeal with delight when they put their tap shoes and tutus in it to bring with them to class.

Keep on knitting!


Debra said...

I'm hoping to finish a pair of 'manly' fair-isle mittens in a tweedy brown/grey/orange/red alpaca sportweight combo for my brother. Ever since he was a kid he's loved 'soft' anything-- so hopefully they'll be a hit. :)

Jo Anne W-M said...

I am knitted a cabled baby hat and matching mittens for my niece's new daughter. I think they will be the best received because they are my niece's favorite color and will be unexpected.