Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fabulous Felted Fireside Footies Finished

Last night I felted these slippers. They are a present for my friend Evanne in San Francisco - I hope they dry before Thursday morning when I leave to visit her:) I changed the heel turn a bit, because I didn't understand the pattern instructions. They turned out very cute - I love this colorway of Kureyon. When my boyfriend saw them, he asked for a pair and he wants them to be colorful! The last time I asked him about knitting something for him, he asked for boring colors.

This is a free pattern called Fireside Footies, found at:

Rebecca A

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sokkgirl said...

These are so very cute! I put the pattern on My List (inspirational items that will force me to follow all rules after hand surgery).

I think Kureyon does come in some "dull" colorways just in case your BF freeks out about all the color. I totally understand--my favorite knitting color is grey.