Thursday, November 1, 2007

Drum Roll, Please.

Well our first month has come to an end. Thank you to those of you posted to, knit for and cheered on this KAL. But now what you really want to know... PRIZES!!

If I were working for Bob Parker on the Price Is Right I would run my hand along the bottom of this photo with pride:

A skein of Pagewood Farms in "Look at my Hot Socks Pink" and some handmade stitch markers by, well, me. All wrapped up in a wonderful project bag (which I don't have a picture of but you'll see when you pick up the prize).

And NOW can I have the drum roll, please...

The winner is...


The prize can be picked up at the store anytime after 4pm tonight.

So you know I want to see you all back here next month. And don't forget to bring your socks into the store by Saturday Nov. 3 so we can display them in the store and have a vote for the second prize. I promise to take good care of them. Bring them in, Bring them in.

Don't forget, to those of you who have posted in October to check your emails for your November special.

Congrats to Rebecca A., see you soon!!


Debra said...


How many of the orange dangly stitch markers did you make??? :)

I'm using one on a new sock right now and it's fabulous. Thank you!

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Congratulations! That's a purty pink!

sarah said...

Oh I have a few made up but I make them pretty slowly (basically somewhere in between caring for children, the Yarnery, knitting and just staring off into space. I'm so glad you like them.