Thursday, February 28, 2008

Times, They Are A Changin'

Ok, so I took February off... unofficially. But I'm back now with some changes that I need to report.

First thing. Yahoo as a mail server kind of stinks as I was getting SPAM out the wazoo so I have gotten a new email account at gmail and it goes something like this:

Please use this email when corresponding with me from now on. Also, please add it to your list of incoming emails so that I don't get thrown into junk mail boxes across the state.

Also, another change is that I'm going to make you work a little harder to win prizes from now on. Not that knitting isn't work, but I want to see all of you and what you are up to (this includes people that I haven't seen, heard from, or have posted!!). The slate is clean, past winners are eligible. That said, here is our first new contest!

The Harlot is coming. I'm sure hoping that all of you who wanted a ticket got one because I do believe we are out. However, I am offering up one of her new books as the prize to this contest.

First, read the following questions and send me an email with the answers. The second part of this contest (and is a must to be entered) is to make a post on this site. The post does not have to be about socks (although, if it is more power to us) and does not need any photos (although if you have some, post them). But it must contain knitting content of some sort.

The deadline for this contest is Friday, March 21, 2008 at midnight (CST). So there is plenty of time to get the questions answered and formulate a post. C'mon, I know you all can do it!!

Here are the questions:

1. About which local knitting artist and Yarnery teacher has the Yarn Harlot asked, "Who wants to try and bury her house?"

2. The Yarn Harlot has been here before. On what date was she here and where did she fly in from?

3. A song was sung to welcome the Yarn Harlot to our lovely city. What was the song, who sang it and what two languages was it sung in?

4. When the Harlot goes on tour what knitting project does she bring to get pictures of her fans with?

So let's go people, email me right quick and I promise we will have some fun. See you at the Harlot.

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