Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ragg Socks

Since mid-November, I have been laying around (well, not really) reading about knitting in all forms--books, magazines, blogs--whatever I can think of post hand surgery and recovery con hand therapy. The first 7 stitches that I tried after surgery, I broke out in an exhausted sweat. With a great team of cheerleaders, I have been knitting a bit. Finally.

Some time in January, I finished the toes (really, just the toes) on these socks for My Husband. The weaving in with ends was too difficult at the time I finished knitting them, so I waited until I was able to safely maneuver a tapestry needle.

I am also working on Fair Isle socks from Sarah Dallas. I knit the cuff (patern part) before surgery predicting plain knitting needed with bigger needles.
I have just started the second cuff . . .

Heather helped me make this choice at The Yarnery. She was smart about helping me choose something that I would be able to knit as well as love when they are done!