Sunday, January 13, 2008

My First Socks of the Year

These socks have found a new life and home. I made them originally with the split toe deal for wearing with sandals. I never wore them and my daughter gave them the thumbs down. One of her friends at university saw my blog and found out that I knit socks. She asked my daughter if she thought I would knit her some. I thought immediately of these socks. I ripped them out back to before the toe decreases (thank goodness that I have big feet), and re-knit the toes. Just finished them last night, just in time for my daughter to take back with her today. I hope the new recipient enjoys them!

BTW, they are made from Trekking XXL and they had an interesting twist to the heels. There are plain knit rows between the decrease and increase portions of the short row heel. I wonder how that will effect the fit? Has anyone else knit this type of heel?


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