Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back Again

Back to the Knit-A-Long. And it has been a very long time indeed. The Christmas Knitting got the best of me.

But I am back in the saddle as far as sock knitting goes. I have a completed socks for the month! Koigu! They are extremely beautiful if I do say so myself. It is just a simple sock pattern. They make me think spring in this cold, cold weather! This colorway just makes me smile!

Then I cast some more socks on. Cherry Tree Hill this time. I really am liking how the red is wrapping around the sock! The colors are very muted. I am thinking they will be lovely dress socks. I keep telling my daughter they are for me . . . not for her.

Then Then I cast some other socks on! Fleece Artist yarn, which is quite lovely, and makes me think of summer (yes I am so sick of the cold weather). Are you seeing a pattern here . . . socks and warmer temps.

Although teaching a "Baby Surprise Class" has been cutting into my own personal knitting time. But what fun. I think I will need to go shopping for some more sock yarn. Soon!

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