Monday, January 14, 2008

2 & 2

Sorry for the Chuck Wollery memories... here's the sock update:

Two FOs
In the last month I've knit two ribbed socks. These were each from unmatched pairs. One dates back to Feb. of 2007, the other to August 2007.

Two WIPs
This past month I've also started two more pairs. 2-circ sock knitting is great for travel - even if you're just taking the bus into downtown. The sock on the left is knit with Jitterbug yarn from Colinette. Since the colorway is quite bright, I decided to forgo any pattern!

On the left I started to knit with the skein of Somoko from Fleece Artist that I won from the SITCKAL contest! It's a simple swirl pattern in traveling stitches on a stockinette background.

Not Socks

In mid-December I started a large project at sock-knitting gauge because... well, possible insanity? I'm absolutely loving it, and moving back and forth between the somewhat complex sweater and simple stockinette socks has been a great match.


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