Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Register Via Email

Last night I received an email wondering why we don't take registrations via email... here was my reply:

"I really did it that way so that my email wouldn't be totally bombarded and we at the Yarnery like to feel that we have connected with our customers... but to answer you questions, I absolutely will take email registrations. Thank you for the request."

But it really got me to thinking that we should, so we will!! Thanks to a great knitter we will be taking registrations at incaknits@yahoo.com. If it is easier for you please drop me an email and include your first and last name and your email address.

So now there are three ways to register so there should be no excuses!! Join us! Do it now!!

Also, last night at The Yarnery I had another great questions... this knitter didn't have her own blog so wasn't sure if she could be a part of the Knit-Along. Great question and just in case is isn't clear here is the answer. You DO NOT need your own blog. We, at the Yarnery, know that not everyone has one and that is ok with us. The beauty part of our KAL is that you can post here and that's all we ask.

And finally, hopefully soon I will have a few buttons that you can copy to your computer in case you do have a blog and would like to add our KAL button to your side bar.

Keep those registrations and questions coming!

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Laura said...

Hi, I am Laura, the person who asked about participating even if I don't have my own blog. One of these days...maybe. Anyway, I am excited to be a part of this KAL, and I look forward to knitting a pair of socks for my DH as a (hopefully) surprise gift.