Sunday, September 30, 2007

One Sock Done

I'm mainly planning to use this KAL to encourage myself to finish Cookie A's German Stockings. I've had the first one one the needles for a couple weeks and just finished it today so I thought I'd share it with the group.

They're out of Louet Fingering Weight in Burgundy with size US1.5 needles. Now I've got to get going on the right one.


Connie said...

Yay! An actual body who has posted their German Stocking! I have started this but am having trouble with the chart for the motif. I am seeing symbols in the chart that I thought were for the heel and am not sure what to do. Did you have this problem?

Emily said...

I didn't have much troubles with the chart. It was keeping track of calf shaping while also knitting the motif and traveling cable that was the biggest challenge for me. That and knitting the cable portion of the heel flap. I'm not entirely pleased with how the edge where I picked up stitches along the cable came out but fortunately that's the part that's most likely to be hidden by a shoe.