Sunday, September 30, 2007

Game Day Socks

Just a quick update on my progress. I worked on the first sock while the Vikes lost to the stinking Packers. Had enough time to do the heel and gusset, now onto the foot!

My sister-in-law was kind enough to model my WIP.

I know they have Stitch 'n Pitch for Twins games, but do they have anything like that for Viking games? BTW, my family was extremely embarrassed by my need to knit, especially in public.


renee said...

Hey, were you in Section 127, Row 15? We have seats in row 14 and I saw someone knitting a sock in the row behind us and I THINK that was the sock!

Debra said...

At a Saint's game a friend & I were knitting socks while surrounded by inebriated non-knitters (strangers). They were astonished and amazed that people actually knit socks! ('Cause, you know, people didn't have socks before machine mass-production occured :)

Thuy said...

Renee - I wish I was in Section 127! We were up in the nosebleeds, 228, row 25. I've never run into anyone knitting in public before. I wish we could have had our own section!

(I've never left a reply to comment before. I hope this is where it goes!)