Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a difference a few stitches make

I finished the first of my cable lattice socks:

They're an excellent example of how self-striping yarn works with stitch count. You knit the leg on 80 stitches and as you can see, you get stripes with that stitch count. Then you do the heel and after you pick up all the stitches on the heel flap, you have 97 stitches. With so many stitches, the colors just fall really randomly. You start decreasing down and you can see when you get in the 80 stitch range, you get some stripes again. But you keep decreasing because the bottom of the foot is now stockinette stitch and so you go down to 75 stitches on the foot. And it stops striping and starts flashing. I know this would really bother some people, but I actually kind of like it. It REALLY reminds me of neopolitan ice cream now:


Jo Anne W-M said...

Lovely. And the yarn is ????

Debra said...

She used Socks that Rock lightweight-- the colorway is something like "Bunny Foo Foo"

So, is this akinogal person a spammer???? Jess, can you look into this?

Anonymous said...

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