Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I think I may be addicted . . .

My name is Sarah and I am a sock knitting addict. I'm kind of serious. I just learned to knit in December and have since finished 2 and 3/4 pairs of socks. And I already have plans (and materials) for the next 2-3 pair. Yikes! Help!

I am working on some cotton blend ankle socks right now for summer which are fun even though the cotton is a little harder to work with than wool. This is my first lacy pattern (found on Ravelry) and, after some initial hiccups, I am really enjoying it. On the first sock, you can see where I got a little off for a round. I left that weird spot in as a testament to the learning process.

I did finsh my first pair of circular needle, fingering weight socks this month (I LOVE Opal sock yarn). They fit well and I've worn them a few times already. No pictures since I keep forgetting (must write notes to myself . . . ). I will do my best to get some up when this next pair is finished (for next month).

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