Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not socks, but...

I am working on something made of sock yarn. My current pair of socks are on hold, because I started this 12 pointed Celestine star as a birthday present for my nephew Michael. I was making good progress until the last point. When you get to this point, you stuff the star and then knit the final point. It isn't so easy knitting it once it is stuffed. I've been procrastinating and the last point has taken me most of the last two weeks. Otherwise, this is a very fun little pattern. I'm using some Opal from my stash - I thought these colors looked good for a little kid. It is a free pattern on the Berrocco website.

In the meantime, while procrastinating, I decided to knit a bib based on the Mason Dixon knitting book pattern. I went out to buy some Sugar'n Cream and they had some really nice colors. I've finished a bib that I'll send off with the Celestine for Michael, and I think I'll knit a few more bibs - one for a friend who just had a baby and a few more to keep on hand for future babies. This one is made with color "Swimming Pool". I really like how it turned out. My boyfriend had a great idea - he thinks it needs a little goldfish on it. Does anyone know where I can get some little fabric goldfish to sew onto the bib?
Rebecca [becbec on Ravelry]


Sharon said...

Your star is gorgeous! Wow!

Mary Lou said...

I want to make that!! Very cute