Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finished Yarn Harlot Socks

Here they are, my first Yarn Harlot basic recipe socks in Austermann Step. The photos aren't the greatest, but good enough to show that they're good, basic socks in a fun yarn. The best thing about this pattern/recipe might be that it went really fast. I finished these in a couple of weeks, granted with some airport and plane time, still spending time on other projects. My second sock usually languishes for a long time when I tire of the stitch pattern. I guess I don't tire of plain old stockinette. Back to basics.
I followed the recipe to a T, except adjusting length, and I think I'll make a couple of modifications next time. I might do a few more stitches or use bigger needles, if I use this yarn again. I think I knit a little more tightly than our dear Harlot. You can sort of see in these pics that they're stretching a little too much, and almost looking ribbed. I like tight socks, but to a point. I'll also decrease in every row as I near the end to make them a little less pointy.

I'd like to try them out in a different yarn, maybe a little thicker and not so smooth, to see how the results might change. I'll definitely try using this as a foundation for socks with different stitches.

Ultimately, my opinion is that the Yarn Harlot's basic sock recipe is just what she says it is: basic and a good starting place for lots of sock knitting fun.

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