Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Socks for Michael

Here are the Christmas socks I knit for my new nephew Michael. These are knit with Regia Stretch Color on size 3 DPNs. I like this yarn and it is good for children's socks. It is very colorful, with a non-repeating striping pattern - at least I didn't knit enough to find a repeat. The yarn is soft and stretchy - good for growing feet. These are knit with afterthought heels - I never tried those heels before and wanted to try something new. I'm not sure I'll ever do them again, unless I learn how to graft. My heel grafting was so terrible that I decided to finish the toes with a three needle bind-off, so these aren't the prettiest socks in the world, but Michael doesn't seem to mind. They are a little big, but he is growing fast, so that is good!

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renee said...

What a cute picture!!! He's adorable.