Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Simple Socks

Anyone watch The Sopranos? A few weeks ago I rented the last season. The main character constantly says "Every day is a gift" after a certain life-changing event. Later on Tony (re: David Chase) has a bad day and mutters, "Every day is a gift-- but does it have to be a pair of socks?"

Usually I'm all about texture and lace when knitting socks, but I've been working on simple stockinette and ribbed items in the last month.

The socks below are toe-up socks on 2 circulars. I used six different Koigu colorways.
(approx. 15 grams ea. Some had more, some had less.)

Can you see the creases on each side of the sock? :) This goes away after a soak. Judy's magic cast-on was used (fabulous, highly recommend), and I tried Wendy Johnson's heel. It seems to fit people with high insteps well, but does leave a bit of a fabric gap on the instep opposite of the heel turn. Personally, I think the Widdershin heel solution is a better option for heel flaps (or pseudo flaps) when knitting toe-up socks. Hopefully the holiday recipient likes them more than a fake mob boss would...
Last week I pulled the first sock out of my (now infamous) Sock Drawer of Shame. It was knit just shy of a year ago in January. Time for it's mate, I say.



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Julia said...

Deb - I complete agree with your heel comments. I had the same experience with Wendy's short row heel, and I too much prefer the Widdershins heel. Glad it's not just me. Love the yarn you used for that completed pair; great colors.