Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Little Inspiration

The Yarnery's own Heather is working on socks right along with us. She knows she can't win any prizes but shows her support by knitting up some awesome socks. Right now she is working on this beautiful pair for her mother-in-law. It is from the Interview Holiday edition in Louet Gems. Are they beautiful or what? If you think she's talented with socks, you should see her work the Savannah by Fibre Co. into a sweater!!

So how 'bout it... what are you all planning, sock-wise, for November? Me, I'm just trying to finish some beaded rib stitch socks in MegaBoots Stretch. Will they be done already?!! I want to start a new pair!

Happy knitting!


Emily said...

Those are some beautiful socks. I really liked working with Gems for my stockings and I think I will again soon. On the sock front, I need to get going on Jaywalkers for my mom in Cascade Sassy Stripes (The leg is almost done) and some plain ribbed socks in Tofutsies for my grandma (she likes to be able to turn the cuff down).

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

They're gorgeous! I won't get my IK Holiday issue until Christmas morning, so I have to wait patiently to look through it.

I hope to start a new pair of socks this month, but must first finish the two pairs I have in progress...

Sarah W said...

Don't for get the rules still allow for finishing socks that have already been started so even though you aren't starting any new ones, as long as they are finished in Nov. you qualify for the prize.