Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back to Socks...

I'm back to working on my Kureyon Socks. Last night I did the heel and I spent a little of this morning working on the cuff, but I now have to get outside and do some yardwork!. An inch or two more and I'll be working on the second sock. I didn't notice this when I split the skein of yarn, but I didn't plan well for the colors. The second ball is starting over where the first one started, so I won't get all the colors in this sock. On the plus side, for this sock, I started with purple for the toe on ball A and when I got to the heel, ball B was at purple, so my toe and heel match for this sock. I have no idea if this will work the same for the second sock. I do know that the second sock is going to have some colors that the first sock doesn't have, so these will be VERY fraternal twins.
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Minneapolismama said...

Gorgeous colors! I want to try some Kureyon sock yarn myself!