Thursday, March 27, 2008

Resoleable Socks

Finally, a finished pair of socks to post. These are the Resoleable Socks from IK's Favorite Socks, a gift for my dad. Ever since I saw a pair of EZ's moccasin socks way back in the early days of blogging, I have liked the idea, but I didn't really love the shape of those socks. So when I saw these, I decided they must be knit. They were actually a pretty boring knit, but they went quickly in worsted weight. At least they looked kind of amusing on my 2 circs - like a fanged sock monster.

I should note that these socks run really large through the ankles which was perfect for my dad, but they were very baggy on my husband, even though their feet are the same size. Knitting these socks reinforced why I think toe-up is a better idea. I first did the whole toe in the dark brown yarn. After I finished the first, I weighed the remaining dark brown yarn and figured I had enough. Wrong. I ran out with about an inch to go on the second toe. So I ripped the first one, deciding to leave a few rows of dark around the full circumference. It was laziness really. I had already knit the first toe twice because the first time came out too pointy. I reknit doing the last couple round of decreases without a plain row in between, and grafted as soon as I got down to 12 sts on ea needle. Third time's a charm! At least Dad is happy with them, and as it happens I finished them just in time for his spontaneous visit.

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